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Hepatitis Prevention Settings: Family planning

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Archive 2003-2000
Family Planning 2013-2003
Locations and Reasons for Initial Testing for Hepatitis C Infection — Chronic Hepatitis Cohort Study, United States, 2006–2010
Source: MMWR, August 16, 2013, Vol. 62(32):645-8
Hepatitis B Vaccination Coverage Among Adults --- United States, 2004
Source: MMWR, May 12, 2006, Vol. 55(18):509-511
Partner Notification for Persons with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection: Use of a Syphilis Model Service
Source: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, May 2006, Vol. 33(5)
Public Health Perspective on Vaccine-Preventable Hepatitis: Integrating Hepatitis A and B Vaccines into Public Health Settings
Source: Am J Med, October 2005, Vol. 118(Suppl 10A):100S-108S
An Economic Assessment of Pre-vaccination Screening for Hepatitis A and B
Source: Public Health Reports, Nov-Dec 2003, Vol. 118(6):550-558
A Review of the Case for Hepatitis B Vaccination of High-Risk Adults
Source: The American Journal of Medicine, March 2003, Vol. 114(4):316-8
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