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Archive 2003-2000
Men+Men 2015-2008
Notes from the Field: Meningococcal Disease among Men Who Have Sex with Men—United States, January 2012–June 2015
Source: MMWR, November 13, 2015, Vol. 64(44):1256-7
Low Rates of Hepatitis Screening and Vaccination of HIV-infected MSM in HIV Clinics
Authors: Hoover KW, Butler M, Workowski KA, et al.
Source: Sex Transm Dis, May 2013, Vol. 39(5):349-53
Should I or Shouldn't I: Decision Making, Knowledge and Behavioral Effects of Quadrivalent HPV Vaccination in Men Who Have Sex with Men
Authors: Thomas EA, Goldstone SE
Source: Vaccine, October 13, 2010
Hepatitis Vaccination of Men Who Have Sex with Men at Gay Pride Events
Authors: Storholm ED, Fisher DG, Reynolds GL, et al.
Source: Prev Sci, June 2010, Vol. 11(2):219-27
Hepatitis Vaccination and Infection among Gay, Bisexual, and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men who Attend Gyms in New York City
Authors: Siconolfi DE, Halkitis PN, Rogers ME
Source: Am J Mens Health, June 2009, Vol. 3(2):141-9
'Feeling' Risk and Seeing Solutions: Predicting Vaccination Intention against Hepatitis B Infection among Men Who Have Sex with Men
Authors: Das E, de Wit JB, Vet R, Frijns T
Source: J Health Psychol, September 2008, Vol. 13(6):728-32
The Young Men's Survey Phase II: Hepatitis B Immunization and Infection Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men
Authors: Weinbaum CM, Lyerla R, Mackellar DA, et al.
Source: Am J Public Health, May 2008, Vol. 98(5):839-45
Attitudes and Beliefs about Hepatitis B Vaccination among Gay Men: The Birmingham Measurement Study
Authors: Rhodes SD, Hergenrather KC
Source: J Homosex, 2008, Vol. 55(1):124-49
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Men+Men 2007
Viral Hepatitis in HIV Infection
Authors: Koziel MJ, Peters MG
Source: N Engl J Med, April 5, 2007, Vol. 356(14):1445-54
Surveillance for acute viral hepatitis--United States, 2005
Authors: Wasley A, Miller JT, Finelli L, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Source: MMWR Surveill Summ. March 16, 2007;56(3):1-24
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Men+Men 2006-2005
Hepatitis B Vaccination Coverage Among Adults --- United States, 2004
Source: MMWR, May 12, 2006, Vol. 55(18):509-511
Partner Notification for Persons with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Infection: Use of a Syphilis Model Service
Source: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, May 2006, Vol. 33(5)
Epidemiology of Viral Hepatitis and HIV Co-Infection
Source: J Hepatol, November 21, 2005, Epub
Public Health Perspective on Vaccine-Preventable Hepatitis: Integrating Hepatitis A and B Vaccines into Public Health Settings
Source: Am J Med, October 2005, Vol. 118(Suppl 10A):100S-108S
Hepatitis A and B Immunizations for Individuals Infected with Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Source: Am J Med, October 2005, Vol. 118(Suppl 10A):75S-83S
Hepatitis A and B Immunization in Persons Being Evaluated for Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Source: Am J Med, October 2005, Vol. 118(10A):69S-74S
Susceptibility to Hepatitis A in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease Due to Hepatitis C Virus Infection: Missed Opportunities for Vaccination
Source: Hepatology, September 2005, Vol. 42(3):688-695
Lack of Evidence of Sexual Transmission of Hepatitis C Virus in a Prospective Cohort Study of Men Who Have Sex with Men
Source: Am J Public Health, March 2005, Vol. 95(3):502-5
Gay Men Who Attend Sex Resorts: A Typology Associated with High-Risk Sexual Behaviour
Source: Int J STD AIDS, February 2005, Vol. 16(2):158-62
High Level of Hepatitis B Infection and Ongoing Risk Among Asian/Pacific Islander Men Who Have Sex with Men, San Francisco, 2000-2001
Source: Sex Trans Dis, January 2005, Vol. 32(1):44-8
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Men+Men 2004
A Comparison of Injection and Non-Injection Methamphetamine-Using HIV Positive Men Who Have Sex with Men
Source: Drug Alcohol Depend, November 11, 2004, Vol. 76(2):203-212
Factors Associated with Receiving Hepatitis B Vaccination Among High-Risk Adults in the United States: An Analysis of the National Health Interview Survey, 2000
Source: Family Medicine, July-August 2004, Vol. 36(7):480-6
Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Men
Source: Nursing Clinics of North America, June 2004, Vol. 39(2):357-377
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Men+Men Archive
Men who have sex with men journal articles 2003-2000
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