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General Recommendations on Immunization Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)
Source: MMWR Recommendations and Reports, January 28, 2011
Legal Basis of Consent for Health Care and Vaccination for Adolescents
Authors: English A, Shaw FE, McCauley MM
Source: Pediatrics, January 2008, Vol. 121 Suppl 1:S85-7
Prospective Evaluation of a Closed-Loop, Computerized Reminder System for Pneumococcal Vaccination in the Emergency Department
Source: American Medical Informatics Association, Annu Symp Proc, December 2006:910
A Comprehensive Patient Assessment and Physician Reminder Tool for Adult Immunization: Effect on Vaccine Administration
Authors: Fishbein DB, Willis BC, Cassidy WM, et al
Source: Vaccine. 2006 Feb 21; [Epub ahead of print]
Adoption of Reminder and Recall Messages for Immunizations by Pediatricians and Public Health Clinics
Authors: Tierney CD, Yusuf H, McMahon SR, et al
Source: Pediatrics, November 2003, Vol. 112(5):1069-1075
Reducing Geographic, Racial, and Ethnic Disparities in Childhood Immunization Rates by Using Reminder/Recall Interventions in Urban Primary Care Practices
Authors: Szilagyi PG, Schaffer S, Shone L, et al
Source: Pediatrics, November 2002, Vol. 110(5):e58
Childhood Immunization Registries: Gaps Between Knowledge and Action Among Family Practice Physicians and Pediatricians in Washington State, 1998
Authors: Gaudino JA, deHart MP, Cheadle A, et al
Source: Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med, October 2002, Vol. 156(10):978-985
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