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Topics of Interest: Tattoos and piercing

Archive 2002-1995
Tattoos and Piercing 2013-2006
Tattooing and Risk of Hepatitis B: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Authors: Jafari S, Buxton JA, Afshar K, Copes R, Baharlou S
Source: Can J Public Health, May-June 2013, Vol. 103(3):207-12
Tattooing and Risk of Hepatitis B: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Authors: Jafari S, Buxton JA, Afshar K, Copes R, Baharlou S
Source: Can J Public Health, May-June 2012, Vol. 103(3):207-12
Hepatitis B Transmission Event in an English Prison and the Importance of Immunization
Authors: Viswanathan U, Beaumont A, O'Moore E, et al.
Source: J Public Health (Oxf), June 2011, Vol. 33(2):193-6
Body Art: Attitudes and Practices Regarding Body Piercing among Urban Undergraduates
Authors: Schorzman CM, Gold MA, Downs JS, Murray PJ
Source: J Am Osteopath Assoc, October 2007; 107(10):432-438
Tattooing in Prisons--Not Such a Pretty Picture
Authors: Hellard ME, Aitken CK, Hocking JS
Source: Am J Infect Control, September 2007; 35(7):477-480
Relationship of Cosmetic Procedures and Drug Use to Hepatitis C and Hepatitis B Virus Infections in a Low-Risk Population
Authors: Hwang LY, Kramer JR, Troisi C, et al
Source: Hepatology, August 2006, Vol. 44(2):341-351
Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Skin Infections Among Tattoo Recipients --- Ohio, Kentucky, and Vermont, 2004--2005
Source: MMWR, June 23, 2006, Vol. 55(24):677-679
Adverse Consequences of Tattoos and Body Piercings
Authors: Larzo MR, Poe SG
Source: Pediatr Ann, March 2006, Vol. 35(3):187-92
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Tattoos & Piercing 2005
Tattoos, Incarceration and Hepatitis B and C Among Street-Recruited Injection Drug Users in New Mexico, USA: Update
Authors: Samuel MC, Bulterys M, Jenison S, Doherty P
Source: Epidemiol Infect, December 2005, Vol. 133(6):1146-8
Complications of Body Piercing
Author: Meltzer DI
Source: Am Fam Physician, November 15, 2005, Vol. 72(10):2029-34
Risk Factors for Hepatitis C on the Texas-Mexico Border
Authors: Hand WL, Vasquez Y
Source: American Journal of Gastroenterology, October 2005, Vol. 100(10:2180-5
Canadian Developments. Safer Tattooing Piloted in Six Federal Prisons
Author: Betteridge G
Source: HIV AIDS Policy Law Rev, August 2005 Vol. 10(2):15
Adolescents' Knowledge, Beliefs, and Behaviors Regarding Hepatitis B: Insights and Implications for Programs Targeting Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
Authors: Slonim AB, Roberto AJ, Downing CR, et al
Source: J Adolesc Health, March 2005, Vol. 36(3):178-86
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Tattoos & Piercing 2004
Role of Beauty Treatment in the Spread of Parenterally Transmitted Hepatitis Viruses in Italy
uthors: Mariano A, Mele A, Tosti ME, et al.
Source: Journal of Medical Virology, October 2004, Vol. 74(2):216-220
Ethnic and Cultural Determinants Influence Risk Assessment for Hepatitis C Acquisition
Authors: Dev A, Sundararajan V, Sievert W
Source: Journal of Gastroenterolgy and Hepatology, July 2004, Vol. 19(7):792-8
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Tattoos & Piercing Archive
Tattoos & piercing journal articles 2002-1995
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