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Country Language
Ethiopia Amharic
Algeria Arabic
Bahrain Arabic
Bhutan Nepali
Chad Arabic
Comoros Arabic
Egypt Arabic
Eritrea Arabic
Gaza Strip Arabic
Iraq Arabic
Kuwait Arabic
Lebanon Arabic
Libya Arabic
Mauritania Arabic
Morocco Arabic
Oman Arabic
Qatar Arabic
Saudi Arabia Arabic
Sudan Arabic
Syria Arabic
Tanzania Arabic
Tunisia Arabic
United Arab Emirates Arabic
West Bank Arabic
Yemen Arabic
Armenia Armenian
Lebanon Armenian
Syria Armenian
Bangladesh Bengali
India Bengali
Bosnia/Herzegovina Bosnian
Kosovo Bosnian
Burma Burmese
Cambodia Khmer
China Chinese - Simplified
Hong Kong Chinese - Traditional
Macau Chinese - Traditional
Malaysia Chinese - Simplified
Northern Mariana Chinese - Simplified
Singapore Chinese - Simplified
Taiwan Chinese - Traditional
Croatia Croatian
Bosnia/Herzegovina Croatian
Bahrain Farsi
United Arab Emirates Farsi
Iran Farsi
Algeria French
Argentina French
Egypt French
France French
French Polynesia French
Haiti French
Belgium French
Benin French
Burkina Faso French
Burundi French
Cameroon French
Cambodia French
Canada French
Central Africa French
Chad French
Guinea French
Italy French
Luxembourg French
Lebanon French
Mali French
Madagascar French
Republic of Congo French
Senegal French
Syria French
Switzerland French
Luxembourg German
Argentina German
Austria German
Chile German
Germany German
Italy German
Switzerland German
Bahamas Haitian Creole
Belize Haitian Creole
Guyana Haitian Creole
Haiti Haitian Creole
Mauritius Haitian Creole
Seychelles Haitian Creole
India Hindi
Guyana Hindi
United Arab Emirates Hindi
Burma Hmong
China Hmong
Laos Hmong
Thailand Hmong
Vietnam Hmong
Philippines Ilokano
Indonesia Indonesian
Timor-Leste Indonesian
Argentina Italian
Italy Italian
Libya Italian
Switzerland Italian
Vatican City Italian
Japan Japanese
Burma Karen
Thailand Karen
North Korea Korean
South Korea Korean
Iraq Kurdish
Laos Laotian
Marshall Islands Marshallese
Nepal Nepali
Poland Polish
Lithuania Polish
Romania Polish
Bermuda Portuguese
Brazil Portuguese
Portugal Portuguese
Sao Tome Portuguese
Principe Portuguese
Pakistan Punjabi
India Punjabi
Moldova Romanian
Estonia Russian
Latvia Russian
Lithuania Russian
Russia Russian
Svalbard Russian
Tajikistan Russian
Ukraine Russian
Uzbekistan Russian
American Samoa Samoan
Niue Samoan
Bosnia Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Kosovo Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Slovenia Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian
Somalia Somali
Spain Spanish
Uruguay Spanish
Venezuela Spanish
Argentina Spanish
Mexico Spanish
Belize Spanish
Bolivia Spanish
Chile Spanish
Colombia Spanish
Costa Rica
Cuba Spanish
Dominican Republic Spanish
Ecuador Spanish
El Salvador Spanish
Guatemala Spanish
Honduras Spanish
Guam Tagalog
Northern Mariana Tagalog
Philippines Tagalog
Thailand Thai
Kosovo Turkish
Turkey Turkish
Bulgaria Turkish
Cyprus Turkish
Bahrain Urdu
Guyana Urdu
India Urdu
Oman Urdu
Pakistan Urdu
United Arab Emirates Urdu
Vietnam Vietnamese
Spoken within many Jewish communities around the world Yiddish
Source: Central Intelligence Agency. The World Factbook. "Field Listing - Languages." Accessed January 28, 2010.
This page was updated on July 31, 2016.
This page was reviewed on July 31, 2016.
How to use this table
This table provides a selective list of various countries and languages. Use this table to find out if IAC provides non-English Vaccine Information Statements (VISs) and print materials that could help you serve patients from a given country. The table associates and lists only those countries with non-English language translations currently offered by IAC.
The table can be sorted alphabetically by country name. In addition, you can sort alphabetically by select languages (i.e., only non-English languages provided by IAC) to determine in which countries the language is spoken.
Most of IAC's translations have been provided to us, gratis, to share on our website. IAC is a small, nonprofit organization, and we have limited funding available for translations. If you have a need for a particular language that is not available, consider Translating for IAC yourself and then sharing it with the world via this website!
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